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The Continued Rise of B2B2C Marketing


In the world of digital marketing, B2B2C organizations focus on delivering a consistent brand experience for both their business and consumer customers. Using technology and real-time data, the best customer experience becomes a unified message across all channels for all consumers who interact with the brand – communicating with them where and how they choose, and when they may be most receptive..

With exploding data and increased competition (many digital channels are far less expensive than traditional media placements), it’s much harder to capture consumers’ attention.

Here’s a roundup of worthy reads to get more familiar with B2B2C marketing that captured my attention.

  • VSA Partners provides three simple truths, and encourages one main focus for your brand.

  • Emotive Brand presents a solid case study for digital health branding – stressing the personification of both audiences, by providing the emotional connection common to B2B2C audiences concerned about their health, but most influenced by consumers.

A B2B2C strategy will make your brand more relevant and meaningful to both the businesses you sell to and the people who ultimately benefit from your product or service.
— Emotive Brand

Is a B2B2C model right for all products and services? I'm all ears.

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